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From getting legal, to getting better clients and higher sales, to taxes, contracts, workflow, and more…here’s how to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.


Meet your leader

Hi!  I’m Rachel Brenke, and over the past few years, I’ve become the most sought after lawyer-photographer* and business consultant in the photography world.

round-headshotAlong the way, I’ve helped thousands of photographers start, revamp, and totally rock their business …the right way, and the profitable way (which is the most fun way of all)!  You can find testimonials below of photographers who came to me desperate for help and left with specific, actionable advice that completely transformed their business and their lives.

So if you need help with the legal and business side of photography, and you want to get organized and super efficient, then you need to see what it’s all about…

Here’s what I’ve got for you: After consulting for pro photographers, speaking at WPPI, Seniors Ignite, and Creative Live… and gettingvaluable feedback…

…I’ve decided to upgrade BizRevamp so you can transform your entire business faster and easier than any of my previous students!

Because now you can absorb my entire system through VIDEO on your computer, smart phone or tablet!

And I’ve added Lifetime Access so you can learn at your own pace with no rush. And also means that you’ll get all updates (as I continually upgrade the course to make it even better) for free!

  1. How to set up a legal photo biz so you can stay legal and protect your assets.
  2. simple system to manage and file your taxes the right way!
  3. The minimum insurance coverage your photo biz needs to give you peace of mind!
  4. How to get a solid contract with no holes that covers yourself!
  5. How to get smart and confident with your money and your prices!
  6. Website and social media quick-fixes that get you the inquires and new clients you’re losing out on right now!
  7. A streamlined WORKFLOW that minimizes stress and maximizes your money-making potential!
  8. How to generate more cash (even if you aren’t into in-person sales)!
  9. How to create your custom business plan to finally reach your goals!
Your key to running a photography business
  • Video Lessons– To-the-point videos so you can quickly go through, understand, and absorb the material – given weekly with Studyhalls built in for maximum impact!
  • Printable handouts, checklist and worksheets …so you know exactly what to do to take action and super-charge your business
  • On-The-Go Access – You can view all the videos on your smart phone or internet-enabled tablet (So you can take this stuff with you wherever you go, and learn at your convenience!)
  • Transcripts & Downloads – Plus, you’re can download full video transcripts and  audio files (so you can listen in your car — many folks find this extremely useful to learn faster and retain more)
  • LifeTime Access –and you’re even getting LIFETIME ACCESS so you can learn at your own pace, without any rush, and you can take a break if something comes up.
  • Private Community –Inclusion in a private community with other BizRevamp students and photographers like yourself
  • 1:1 Feedback – Individualized responses to your questions – you’re not left to your own devices
  • Continually Updated Information – New content always being added!

NOTE: Each module is timed for a calendar week form start date, there are 4 Q&A deadlines as follows: Modules 1-3, 4-6 and 7-8 and Alumni Q&A

Psssttt…by the way look what is included!


Contract is given in the legal module with a full explanation of how it works and how to use it for your benefit + protection!

As you can see, I’ve gone to great strides to improve this course and make it as easy as possible for you to get legit, be covered against liability, and get everything you need to totally revamp your business to reach your goals.


See, I started my photography business while I was in law school, pregnant, and with a small child in tow.

As if that wasn’t difficult enough, my active duty military husband was deployed so I effectively was single-handedly managing home and business (This forced me to sink or swimand sinking was NOT an option!

And while he’s back, we’re constantly moving! In fact we’ve moved 5 different times in the past few years, and all those times I’ve had to re-start my business all over again! (Can you imagine how frustrating that is!? …but that’s why I know these strategies are PROVEN – because I’ve tested them again and again!)

I also run a consulting and legal firm where I help photographers with the legal, business, and marketing side of their businesses. (By the way, in BizRevamp, you’re getting the entire system I use to help my 1:1 consulting clients … minus the price-tag, and at your convenience!)

And I’m constantly doing talks on the time management, legal, and business side of photography alongside thevery best photography educators in the world like: Seniors Ignite, WPPI, and Creative Live!

Today I have 4 small children, I’m a working lawyer with a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing and a Masters in Human Services. (Of course, I’m also a working, successful photographer!)

But best of all, I use systems that allow me to spend time with my family, while running a photography business, a consulting business, and doing talks around the country …without missing a beat! (Best part: I can teach you how I do it!)

Basically, I’m the only lawyer-photographer-business consultant with a proven record, and legitimate credentials to help you kick start your ENTIRE business into high gear…

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Come join the other photographers who have revamped their biz for success with BizRevamp!

$579 One Time Enrollment or $99/mo Payment Plan


Forming A Legal Biz & Protecting Your Assets

  • Your 3 options for forming a legal photo biz -broken down and simplified- so you can confidently choose the best option for YOU. (And finally move forward, grow, and focus on what you really love!)
  • The Bare Minimum legal business set-up that keeps the government at bay and still gives you some liability protection. If you’re taking any sort of money, you need this right now! (It’s perfect if you’re still in the “hobby” stage and aren’t quite ready to jump in feet first!)
  • And what’s my specific business recommendation for the best biz formation with great liability protection, tax benefits, and easiest maintenance? Find out inside.
  • Plus, get everything you need, including simple instructions on how to actually set up your business and how to avoid fees, fines, and legal issues! (Best part: this stuff gets easy once you know what to do!)
  • You’ll even get my guide that spells out where to set up your chosen business structure when you’re ready to do so! (So no searching …you could set up your business the very next day!)
  • BONUS: Have you inadvertently created a legal partnership that BLOATS your liability? Here’s the right way to enter into a partnership when it’s smart to do so (and how to prevent a default partnership without you even knowing!)

Warp-Speed Tax Info That’s Essential To Your Biz

  • Quickly grasp the taxes and rules that you as a photographer need to be aware of (in an easy-to-understand format) –so you can operate within the law, and not get burned with fees and fines!
  • Finally know exactly what to do for the special tax situations photographers come across. For all photographers, no matter what kinds of sales you’re doing: services, tangible, digital, or all-inclusive! (I cover all of it, what taxes to charge, and how to do it!)
  • “Rachel’s Simple Tax-Organizing System” to confidently prep and file your taxes THE RIGHT WAY and with much less stress! (Plus -My guide that pinpoints where to submit your taxes to YOUR state and federal jurisdictions!)
  • Now you can easily file your own taxes or submit them to a tax professional to do it for you. (And when you do submit to a tax pro, you’ll save tons of cash because you’re making their life way easier! Plus, you’ll know enough to walk in their office and know exactly what to ask.)
  • And – know when to hire an employee vs an independent contractor (or vice versa) -and how to not cross the line from one to the other! It’s immensely important because the tax rules drastically change …but you’ll get all the info to make smart decisions fast and with no surprises!

Insurance and Retirement Info That Dissolves Stress & Worry

  • The 7 types of insurance policies you might need as a photographer -now you can weigh your options and be covered in case anything happens (and NOT have to spend buckets of cash on coverage you don’t need!)
  • Discover the minimum coverage you need as you’re just starting out as well as what’s required when you have employees or a studio! (It’s your go-to resource you’ll come back to again and again as your business grows and changes!)
  • This is your livelihood we’re talking about because, as photographers, we’re open to all kinds of liability. That’s why you’ll get all the details so that you can cover your butt -no matter what type of photography you’re doing!
  • No more worrying in case something happens to your gear, yourself, or your clients. (So you can free your mind from the “what-ifs” and actually enjoy your business!)
  • And if something does happen, even if your client wants to sue you, you can quickly nip problems in the bud by letting your insurance take care of it! (Before you ever need a lawyer, go to court, and lose all that money!!)
  • Retirement plan information broken down simply.  Plans also presented that allow you to start saving sooner and that suit your budget and long term plan.

The Contract and Legal Insights You Need

  • Get the details on how to use your portrait agreement, model release, print release, and other biz forms to fully protect yourself and your images! (And how to use them to run a hyper efficient photo biz that totally thrills your clients!)
  • Uncover the different provisions you need in order to have a solid contract with no holes. (Plus, you’ll “get” this stuff with such clarity that you’ll be able to fully explain your contract to your client! Pro Tip: that’s how to instantly gain authority and book those clients faster!)
  • How to obliterate most copyright infringement and “client expectation” headaches before they even start! …And what to do if they do cross the line.
  • And… learn about the legalities of running a wedding, newborn, boudoir, and senior photography business! (How do you avoid getting into trouble? How do you enforce a contract with an uncooperative client? Who’s your real client in confusing situations? How do you use the legal side to attract more clients?…and more!)
  • BONUS: How to use digital contracts and legally make them stick – plus, get clued in on the technology to deploy them online or on your iPad! (Best part: your contracts will be fun, paperless, and they’ll make you look great in the eyes of your client!)

Get Smart About Your Money And Your Prices

  • Uncover where you’re bleeding money right now and how to fix it! (Most biz owners struggle with this, but with BizRevamp, you can get this stuff in a snap!)
  • How to quickly evaluate all your costs so you can confidently fine-tune all your pricing
  • My step-by-step guide to creating collections and packages so that the client sees VALUE and wants to pay your prices! (The secret lies in leveraging the power of consumer psychology.)
  • Expert Budgeting Strategies: The business-savvy way to buy more equipment, pay off debt, or get a studio! (Yes, you really can get what you want …just be smart about it and follow these steps!)

Exciting Ways To Sell More & Earn More Cash

  • Don’t listen to the naysayers. Here’s how to maximize your online gallery sales! (Perfect if you’re low on confidence right now or just don’t have time to spare!)
  • “Pseudo In-Person Sales”: How to get BIG SALES using online galleries + phone/Skype/Google+! This strategy took me years to develop and is so effective that I use it a lot. (No need to spend time traveling, plus it’s an ideal alternative for when you can’t do in-person sales!)
  • Then, discover how to turbo-charge your in-person sales! (This checklist strategy will have you walking confidently into the room and getting bigger sales than you may have ever though possible …without ever being pushy or salesy!)

Client Management (An A-Z Streamlined Workflow)

  • The same proven system I use to a) nurture client experience b) maximize cash output and c) save loads of time! (So you can ease the stress, balance your life, and spend more time with your family!)
  • From inquiry reply …to booking …to pre-session consult …to the actual shooting session …to follow up … and more! How to handle every step (covering everything) so you can get things done and stay focused on what makes you money!
  • BONUS: How to manage an effective email newsletter! This stuff is so powerful that when done right, it skyrockets your sales and marketing efforts for a constant flow of new and past clients!

Simple Changes To Book More High Quality Clients!

  • How to remove the hidden barriers to inquiry from your website. And get more inquires from your ideal clients (Follow me behind the scenes where I reveal the psychology secrets and a checklist that produce real results!)
  • How to generate the type of interest and attention that actually brings you clients through Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! (Plus, I’ll show you how to automate a bunch of the work!)

How To Finally Become An Effective Achiever!

  • How to take what you learn in this course, put it together with your business and personal goals … and discover the best way for YOU to achieve your goals! (Here’s your custom Business Plan that guides you to finally getting your business exactly how you want it!)
  • You don’t need to have a legal, efficient photo biz that gets you the money, and happiness you want in one day. I’ll show the easiest way to get super focused through an organized system that helps you reach your goals, one step at a time …faster, and calmer than you may have ever imagined!

lindaheadshot“Rachel Brenke goes above and beyond the standard level of course instruction. Having the daunting task of covering all the legal parameters of setting up a business, she goes beyond the kitchen sink, and includes pricing, marketing, business plans, and tax preparation.

Amidst a sea of workshops and online courses, Rachel stands alone in her commitment to her students. She answers questions quickly, thoroughly and personally–her responses never canned or outsourced. Fully invested, she is ever present in the online forum, actively participating in group discussions.

Given the high quality of her course, I purchased her pet contract bundle. Her contracts are thorough and clear, concise, simply designed, and void of confusing legal jargon. Biz revamp and Rachel’s expertise has prepared me to move confidently forward with my business.”

-Linda Kuo

I want to help make business EASIER for you…


hat’s why I’m also including printable handouts for each module to form a workbook for the entire course. I included checklist so you can quickly see what action you need to take, and worksheets so you can figure out exactly how YOU want to build your business.

It’s completely customizable to your situation, and your goals.

You also get direct links to any official forms you may need… from where to file your business structure… to where to file your taxes …and more!

All so you waste ZERO time doing research or even looking for this stuff! So you can get stuff done faster and easier than if you even tried to do this yourself!

So print out the handouts so you have something physical in your hands to work on. (Or simply download them and work on your computer. Do it however you like, and however you work best.)

(And make sure to jot down all the sweet ideas that pop into your head while going through this material. It’s pretty common, so be prepared.)

1:1 Q&A with Personalized Feedback

singlecircleSince I know that you have questions that you’re dying to ask me –

you will get  3 different opportunities throughout the course to ask me all the questions you need answered (without my $399/hour consulting rate).

So go through the course, jot down any questions that come to mind, and send them to me through the special Q&A Section of the course.

I’ll answer all your questions and give you personalized advicethrough an audio file so you can hear my voice guide you.

Private BizRevamp Community

doublecircleYou’ll also get exclusive access to the private BizRevamp community so that you can ask questions to fellow BizRevamp students and help each other out!

The community not only provides a sounding board for students but is a foundation for networking and referrals – as it has been seen by past students cultivating these relationships to grow their business!

I’ve gotten really great feedback from past students about this community.  … I think you’re really going to benefit from it!

Enroll in BizRevamp

Come join the other photographers who have revamped their biz for success with BizRevamp!

$579 One Time Enrollment or $99/mo Payment Plan

Check out the FAQs

Have more questions?

Unsure about the financial investment?

You see, the last time I opened this course, I was floored with the response. And because I offered personalized help through Q&A’s (and I still am!) I had to spend loads of time doing it!

And that’s precisely why I need to keep the number of students limited.

There is only so much time I have available…and when you become my client, you’re a top priority to me. I want to give you the personalized responses you deserve.

So since this course will have limited seats, and since this new improvement of BizRevamp makes it much more desirable …I estimate this course will probably sell out quickly -and that’s why you need to act fast.

And as you can imagine…

With everything you’re getting: from getting legal, to getting clients, to taxes, to contracts, to budgeting and pricing, to sales, and business planning (all on video)… plus the printable workbook, the Lifetime Access, all the transcripts and audio files… and the ability to ask me questions …you’d probably expect this course to easily be worth a couple thousand dollars.

But you wont pay anything close to that…

Because I know what it is like to need help and have no idea where to go.

My goal is to deliver all of this information quicker and a cheaper than 1:1 (currently $399/hour) time is by phone.

I have it set up to be $489 one time payment or a payment plan of $89/mo for 7 months.

This course is only going to have content added and may demand a price increase in future.

I’m totally confident that if you put in some work and follow the steps I laid out for you, BizRevamp is going to revolutionize your business.

Why am I so sure? Because I tested the material on myself first, and I’ve seen the awesome results that others have gotten with the same material! In fact – I still use the same systems I teach in here in my own business daily!

However, BizRevamp

May Not Be A Good Fit For You…

If you want a “magic bullet” or if you’re the type of person that likes to watch the videos and not do any work at all… then this course is definitely not for you!

But if you’re willing to really put this system to the test, and actually go through the handouts… and put in some work to rock your business…. and you know that everything in life gives you direct proportionate results to the work you put in… then BizRevamp is going to revolutionize your life!

Here’s what to do next:

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Here’s what past students have said:

gingerheadshot“I just want to thank Rachel Brenke again for this class and all the support she has given and how active she is in this group.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, you are a true blessing.

When I talked to a CPA yesterday and told her that I had taken a break from photography to restructure my business and was taking a business class focused on photography and told her all the topics the class covered, she was amazed that someone would do that. She told me that she has seen numerous businesses fail because they didn’t know the business side.

I also think that it is so amazing that you have taken the time to present your lessons and information on different formats to accommodate everyone’s different learning styles and mobility. True Genius!” – Ginger Westring, Remember When Photography

jennifertestimonialThe fall of 2012 I took Business Revamp as a STEPPING STONE to launching my business. I believe it was pivotal in my overwhelming success as a first year business woman. My motivation was to give myself a strong, business minded, tactful approach to running and operating a photography business. It did that, and much much more!  Previously I worked grueling hours outside the home, with little to no advantage for myself or my family. After taking Business Revamp and launching my business, my quality of life has tripled. The confidence I gained from this course gave me the ability to believe I could be successful… And I made it happen.” – Jennifer Pacheco, Jennifer Pacheco Photography

erintestimonial   I liked the personal responses and devotion Rachel had to my business. It was definitely not “copy/paste”. And one of the biggest differences I see after going through BizRevamp is that I’m actually bringing home and contributing to the household income!” – Erin Foster, Irish Eyes Photography


nicoletestimonial“Finally getting legal and running a legit business had been very important for a while. I didn’t want to do it half way I wanted to go head first and do it CORRECTLY. So taking this course and learning from a lawyer was exactly what I needed… 

I loved that I knew it was for real legit information to ensure I was doing it all correctly and by the book. Knowing your a lawyer really makes me trust you more and you have created an ease to it all where otherwise it’d be a lot more stressful if I was unsure.”  – Nicole Gulick, Nicole Gulick Photography

leightestimonial   “Thanks to BizRevamp, marketing has actually improved and my goal of weddings was met last year and this year I’m on my way to meeting it! I feel more confident about the business itself, that I have everything set up correctly & won’t be struggling to ‘fix’ things later on.” – Leigh Schrage, Leigh Schrage Photography

So From One Photographer To Another I’m Offering This Course To You

Have you ever noticed how the more you try to get your photography business to where you want it to go, the harder and more complicated it seems to get?

…And how a few photographers seem to have better success, without much of the stress much that most photographers go though? Well, they certainly don’t more than 24 hours in a day! So what’s their secret?

What do they know that you don’t?

Well I can tell you from experience, that the most successful photographers out there are using proven systems to get to where they are.

Yes, it definitely takes some work, but brute force is NOT the key.

We know that this by itself does not work… What you need is proven systems to really rock your business!

And that’s exactly what I’m offering to you right now.

You may be just starting, or you may already have been in business for a few years. You may even have a studio already. But none of that matters. Because what you need that little extra push and that knowledge to get your business to the next level.

Well, BizRevamp will be there for you every step of the way.

And by the end, you’ll have a totally organized, super efficient, and a legal business that gets you new clients with complete peace of mind to actually enjoy your business …and make real money doing it.

There is no better time than now to finally be able to spend time with your family, and your spouse…and to contribute more to the family income, quit that day job that you hate, or even be the main breadwinner of your family so you can relieve some of the stress from your family and friends!

You know that once you accomplish your business goals, it will have a positive effect on your entire family.

Heck, you might even have more opportunity to give back in your community if that’s what you’re into.

See you can make your business a success exactly how you want it. And I can help you get there every step of the way.

And the great part about BizRevamp is that you’re getting Lifetime Access so you can access it now or in the future with no rush!

I encourage you join BizRevamp right now because seats are super limited!

So join BizRevamp system now, and I’ll see you inside.

May the BizRevamp be Ever in Your Favor,


Enroll in BizRevamp

Come join the other photographers who have revamped their biz for success with BizRevamp!

$579 One Time Enrollment or $99/mo Payment Plan

Here’s what some other photography industry leaders have said..


“Rachel Brenke is THE go-to person to help you understand the legal side of running a photography business! Her advice and resources are invaluable!” – Jamie SwansonThe Modern Tog


“Rachel is the perfect lawyer-photographer combination. I trust her advice above all others. Her guides are professional and easy to understand.” – Zach PrezPhotography Spark

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